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Follow our top tips to help you tackle the weekly shopping trip with ease. Checkout challenge accepted!

Whether you’re braving the shops with a newborn or heading out with your toddler, supermarket shopping needn’t be a headache. Here are our top tips to help you make it to the checkout in one piece

Be prepared

It’s a good idea to take your changing bag with you just in case you have to deal with an unexpected nappy situation or need a spare dummy when your baby throws one into the freezer section! Pack a few healthy snacks if shopping with your toddler to stave off hunger pangs.


Avoid the lunchtime rush and weekend crowds by shopping during the day when the supermarkets are usually quieter. Also, plan the outing when your baby has just been fed so won’t be hungry mid shop. Remind your toddler to use the toilet before you leave so you won’t need to head to the loo with a trolley full of shopping.


Look out for specially marked parent parking bays. If you’re coming on foot, think about how you’ll get your shopping home – would a lightweight rucksack be easier than lots of smaller bags? If you have a buggy, leave unnecessary bits at home to make the most of any storage underneath.

Trolley dash

Start by settling your little one in the trolley seat – they may need a few minutes to get used to it. Tesco trolleys cater for babies, toddlers, siblings and more, so if you can’t find the right one, ask a member of staff to help.

In store

Having something for little one to hold is a great idea, which is why our free fruit for kids is so handy – their attempts to break into a banana will buy you a surprising amount of shopping time.

Keep them busy

Whether they’re in the trolley or walking with you, toddlers will love being given a job to do. Why not ask them to look out for things on your shopping list, or help you put things on the conveyor belt when you (finally) reach the checkout?

Ask for help

If your baby starts to cry or your toddler has a tantrum when you’re packing up the bags, a member of staff will be only too happy to help you pack so you can concentrate on comforting your little one.


And finally, if you simply can’t face going to the supermarket, try shopping online instead at Or order bulky items online and pick up fresh ingredients in store to cut down your shopping time.