Dry nights

make great mornings

Those moments when you first wake up in the morning and greet your little one after a good night's sleep are precious - the recognition in your baby's eyes and gurgles of delight as they see you again, the outstretched arms wanting to be picked up and cuddled. Those funny little games of peek-a-boo; the loving caresses and soft snuggles in the beautiful stillness before everyone wakes and the hectic day begins.

A great morning for your baby is one where he wakes bright and alert, ready to enjoy positive interactions with mum and the many wonderful new experiences that await him. These precious interactions and experiences are not only enjoyable but are important for baby’s development too. This is all the more likely after a night of good sleep.

That's why Pampers Baby-Dry and Active Fit absorb wetness faster than before to help baby get up to 12hrs of undisturbed Golden Sleep. Because great mornings start with dry nights.

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