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Toy hat and torch

It’s so exciting when your little one starts getting more active and taking an interest in the world. But it also means that accidents could be waiting to happen! Until you grow eyes in the back of your head, use our handy checklist to tick off safety essentials

General safety

  • Stair gates – prevent dangerous tumbles with these tips on stair safety
  • Cupboard and drawer locks – essential for keeping your tot away from kitchen knives, cleaning products etc
  • Corner cushions – you can’t prevent every mishap but it’s worth softening sharp, eye-level coffee table corners
  • Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors – don’t forget to check the batteries! Read more about fire safety and smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Door stops – help prevent trapped fingers
  • Socket covers – keep little fingers away from the plug sockets

In the car

  • Car seat – children under 12 or under 135 cm must use one. Find out more details here
  • Rear-view backseat mirror – keep an eye on your tot from the driver’s seat
  • Window shades – babies can burn and overheat even through car windows

In the bathroom

  • Bath thermometer – bath water temperature should be 35 to 37°C for happy bathtimes
  • Non-slip bathmat – prevent slipping in the bath
  • Toilet lock – to stop the contents of mum’s handbag ending up in there

Other things to consider

  • Bathroom tap locks – many a parent has a ‘flooded bathroom’ story!
  • Furniture straps – great for securing heavy items
  • Hob guard – extra protection against burns and scalds
  • Glass safety film – a smart idea for glass-fronted cabinets
  • Fire guard – if you have an open fire or stove, this is essential
  • Oven knob covers – anything that turns and twists will be fascinating to your little one!
  • Blind cord shortener – loose cords can be a suffocation risk

Your first aid kit

  • Plasters and bandages – for cuts and scrapes
  • Antiseptic cream – helps keep cuts clean
  • Calamine lotion – brilliant for nettle stings, insect bites and eczema

Sensible safety tips

  • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors regularly
  • Remember young children can choke on small objects
  • Window blind cords are a suffocation risk – shorten or tie them up
  • Make sure little ones can’t reach saucepan handles and hot drinks
  • Never leave children aged under five alone in the bath

One last thing…

  • Do dish out lots of kisses for bumped heads, cut fingers and scraped knees!

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