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To make bathtime easier for you and your little one, you might consider using a baby bath seat or support

As well as keeping your baby squeaky clean, bathtime can also be a fun way to connect as a family. But if you’re nervous about how to bathe your little one, it could help to use a bath support or bath seat. Whether you’re using a newborn bath support or have progressed to a sit-up bath seat, you should never leave your baby unattended even for a moment.

Sit-up bath seats

Once your baby reaches about six months and can sit up on their own, bathtime can become more interactive and fun. By now they’ll be used to the routine of a bath before bed and the water will no longer come as a shock to the system. Sit-up bath seats like the Tesco Baby Swivel Bath Seat (suitable from six months) are a great way for your baby to feel more independent in the bath so you can both concentrate on splashing and playing. Here’s how to use the Tesco Baby Swivel Bath Seat safely.

If your bath seat is secured by suction cups, before using the bath seat, make sure all the suction cups are firmly fixed to the product. Then make sure you attach it securely to your bathtub before you fill the bath with water or put your baby in the seat.

It’s also a good idea to check the product regularly to make sure the suction cups are still fixed to the seat – if you’re in any doubt, avoid using it. You should stop using the bath seat once your baby begins pulling to a standing position.

Find more information on how to use the Tesco Swivel Seat, please read our safety notice.