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Three nappies

Terry nappies are what many of our grandmothers would have used. They are a simple square of terry towelling cotton folded and fastened with a safety pin. Like disposables, they need to be changed regularly so that wee and poo isn’t left next to your baby’s skin for a long time, as this can cause nasty nappy rash.

How do I fold a terry towelling nappy for a newborn?

For a newborn baby, start with the nappy laid out in one big square and fold it into four to make a smaller square. Take one corner and bring it across to make a little triangle. Place the baby so the point of the triangle points down under her bottom. Bring the three points of the triangle around together – one from each side of the baby, and one up between her legs.

If you are using a terry towelling nappy and a safety pin make sure that you put your hand between the baby’s tummy and the nappy so that when you’re introducing the pin, your hand acts as a barrier to prevent the baby’s skin being pierced.

How do I fold a terry nappy for a bigger baby?

Fold the whole nappy over once into one big triangle. Or fold that triangle again into a smaller triangle. You can experiment until it seems about the right size to cover your baby’s bottom snugly.

How do I wash terry nappies?

You can wash terry towelling nappies at home. Get the bulk of the poo off and flush it down the toilet (or use a removable lining). Then soak the nappies in an appropriate recommended sanitising product. Let the nappies soak for the length of time it says on the packet of the sanitising product. You can then wash them in the washing machine at a minimum of 60°C. You can also find companies that collect and wash reusable and terry nappies for you.