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There is a big choice of reusable nappies available to buy. Modern reusable nappies tend to fit like a disposable nappy (as opposed to a terry nappy) and usually consist of a nappy cloth with a Velcro or popper fastening at the front. The nappies also have a built-in waterproof cover and you use a disposable liner that keeps the poo away from the body of the nappy. With so many makes on the market it is possible to try out a few brands before you choose.

How do I wash a reusable nappy?

If you use reusable nappies you can wash them at home. First dispose of the poo by dropping it in the toilet and throwing away the soiled liner. The dirty nappy then needs to be soaked in a nappy sanitising product. Make sure that you keep the soaking bucket well out of reach of mobile babies and toddlers as it can be a drowning hazard. If you prefer, there are lots of companies that operate a home delivery-and-collect laundering service.

How do I choose which type of nappy to use?

Different styles suit different people. Again there are often local schemes and some of the collection and delivery services will let you use a trial ‘try before you buy’ kit so you can compare the different styles available before you make a decision.

Will reusable nappies mean lots of extra washing?

Newborn babies will be changed around 8-12 times a day. When your baby is a bit older you will probably find that they settle into more of a pattern and probably have about four poos a day. In addition, they will produce a couple of wet nappies too.  You will need the time, space and nappies to have clean nappies available throughout the day, so speak to other mums on forums to get an idea of what sized set you will need for your circumstances.

How much will it cost me to wash my baby’s nappies?

Washing reusable nappies at 60° Celsius costs around £1 per week (it needs to be a hot wash to kill any germs on the nappy). Tumble-drying adds to the cost but if nappies are dried on the washing line you need to have sufficient space to dry them on a line or inside in the winter. If you ‘reuse’ your reusable nappies for all your children you will save money in the long run.


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