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You’ve just got your newborn into some semblance of a routine when Christmas comes and kicks it to the kerb. But don’t panic, it needn’t be the end of the world

Be flexible

If your baby is in a strict Gina Ford routine, try and relax it a little over Christmas. You can still keep to regular nap and feed times, but it might be that you have to feed on the go or your baby naps in the pram or car.

Nap time

Try and plan any long car journeys over your baby’s regular nap times so they don’t get cranky and overtired.

Away from home

If you’re visiting family over the festive period, make sure you take familiar things with you to keep your baby calm and centred – a favourite soft toy, dummy, blanket, sleeping bag, book or musical toy will all help to make an unfamiliar setting a bit more familiar.

Make the most of help

It’s likely you’ll be seeing more people over Christmas so make the most of the extra hands! Relatives will be queuing up to feed, play with and hold your little one – let them help and you’ll get a few moments to rest.

Say no

If you’re inundated with invites over Christmas and all you want to do is bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening, don’t feel pressured to accept every invite. Pick and choose which ones make sense for you and your baby so you don’t over do it.

Be kind to yourself

If you’re feeling low after the birth of your baby, Christmas can sometimes add to your stress levels. Try to minimise any added pressure by accepting as much help as you can and keep things simple – people will understand.

Be firm

If you really don’t want grandma to pick up your baby every single time she cries or Great Uncle Brian to hand over endless sugary snacks to your toddler, be firm with them. You don’t need to be rude, just explain that you’d prefer it if they didn’t.

Keep perspective

Just because they’ve skipped a nap, bath or had a late bedtime doesn’t mean your baby won’t slip back into the normal routine once the tinsel comes down. After all, we all get a bit out of sync during the festive period!


Even if you’re sleep deprived, irritable and stressed, remember that Christmas is only really a few days out of the normal routine and a chance for you to all spend time together as a family. Or failing that, there’s always the presents – you deserve something extra special this year!