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Baby in box first christmas

From the first taste of sprouts to cute santa selfies, Tesco Baby Club parents share their first Christmas tales

The festive season is always a magical time of the year. Add to that your new guest of honour, and the first Christmas with your little one is guaranteed to be a memorable time. We asked our Tesco Baby Club members to share their heart-warming ‘first Christmas’ stories, and here’s what they said.

The first Christmas dinner

“My favourite festive moment was watching Emie eat her first Christmas dinner. She’d just started eating proper solids and finger food, so it was funny to see her munching on brussel sprouts and turkey with the rest of the family,” says Brea from Oxfordshire.

“Ava wasn’t really aware of her first Christmas but she loved all the lights and bright colours. Plus she got to try lots of mashed veggies!” says Amy via email.

Festive fancy dress

“Sid was only three weeks old on his first Christmas. The main thing I remember was a blur of sleeping, waking and feeding while following a strict routine. My relaxed and merry family must have thought we were the most uptight, nervous parents ever (and we probably were!). We did manage to take some time out to dress Sid up as Santa for some selfies – we couldn’t resist!” says Simon from Essex.

“When Archie was seven weeks we had all of our friends over. I wanted him to feel part of the party so dressed him in a cute reindeer onesie, antlers and a pink wig. He slept through it all, but definitely looked the part!” says Kelli from London.


Business as usual

“Our first Christmas in three words? Poopy, spewy and sleepy! Our little boy was only 16 days old at the time.” says Sammi via Twitter.

“She slept through her first Christmas and cried through the second one. We have our fingers crossed for excitement this year!” say family bloggers @ablogslife1205.

Making memories

“My son’s first Christmas was spent recovering from an operation. He was taken into hospital on the 23 December for an operation on his windpipe when he was just four months old. He spent that day and the next in HDU, but he finally got to meet his twin sister 6pm on Christmas Eve! We’re looking forward to their second Christmas this year,” says Sam from Glasgow.

“Although we knew Bruno wasn’t going to remember his first Christmas, we wanted to make it special anyway. We took pictures of him at the Christmas table and with the tree to show him when he’s older. Making memories was important for us.” says Nicolas from London.

The best gift of all

“I’m so excited that this year will be the first Christmas with my newly-adopted little one. I’m making sure it’s really special,” says Sara from the West Midlands.

“This year I’m due on the 18 December so Christmas will be super special. There’ll be lots of new ‘firsts’ this Christmas for all of us!” says Naomi from Cambridgeshire.

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