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Our baby range is changing. We’re saying cheerio to Tesco Loves Baby and hello to Fred & Flo!

Fred & Flo explore the world using their imagination to build stories wherever they go, and they’re here to give you a little help with life’s big adventure!

We know how important it is for parents to love and trust the products they choose for their families, which is why we’ve been creating new baby ranges for our customers.

You’ll still find your trusted baby toiletries such as head to toe wash or fragrance-free and fragranced wipes down the baby aisle. We haven’t changed these products, only the design and brand.

We have improved some of our baby products and introduced new products for you to enjoy!


Our nappies have fresh new designs such as stars, clouds and bees. Along with a handy fit guide on the waistband of the nappies to help you know when it’s time for your baby to move up a size.

We’ve introduced plus sizes into our Easy Fit nappy pants range and invested in new technology for our Super Fit range. Channel technology allows air to circulate inside the nappy, helping to absorb liquid up to 2 times faster and distribute the wetness evenly to help prevent sagging and bulking between your baby’s legs.

We have introduced extra sensitive wipes which have been specially developed for sensitive and extra-delicate skin.

We’ve also added lots of extras to our baby accessories range such as a new 150ml feeding bottle, mini ice lolly moulds – perfect for when your baby is teething and our masher and bowl, great for creating quick homemade fresh and healthy baby food.

Ready to check out our brand new range? Head to your local Tesco or explore it when you shop online.