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Mother holding baby

Baby Club parents share their tops tips on how they survived and thrived during their first week at home

The first few days at home with your newborn will be incredibly rewarding. You’ll have plenty of time for cuddles, and get a proper chance to get to know the little person you’ve been carrying around with you for nine months! But as your body recovers from the birth, and you attempt to get to grips with changes and feeds, you might begin to feel a little overwhelmed.

Cook in bulk

“Cook tasty meals in bulk before baby arrives, then all you or someone else has to do is heat them up! It’s the little things that makes life easier!”

Stock up on treats

“What you’ll need for the first week at home: Spatone, Berocca Boost, biscuits, tea bags and comfy clothes. Then enjoy the most wonderful week of your life!”

Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’

“Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ when people ask if they can visit. If you’ve had a bad night or are about to have a nap, that is more important.”

Make social updates

“Update your Facebook account with your baby’s photo regularly, so everyone will know you and the baby are OK. Tell them you need to rest through the status!”

Be prepared

“Always keep your changing bag packed and topped up and ready to go, that way it doesn’t feel like an impossible task to leave the house on time.”

Sleep when your baby sleeps

“It sounds old-fashioned but it really does help to go to sleep whenever your baby does, day or night. You have to keep topping up your ‘sleep bank’ as it takes a while to establish good routines.”

Shop for the next four weeks

“Try to stock up on nappies, cream, wipes, etc to last the first four weeks. That way, you don’t have to worry about running out. Also do all your food shopping online so you don’t have to juggle a new baby and a trolley/basket.”

Don’t worry about chores

“Leave all household chores for at least a week and try and get as much rest as possible as you’ll need it! Have high-energy food at hand and don’t even think about cooking a meal!”

Get friends and family to do the hoovering!

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re finding things a little overwhelming. If you have family over don’t be afraid to ask them to vacuum, wash up, or hold the baby.”

Get away from it all

“Have a ‘babymoon’ – time for you, your partner and new arrival to get to know each other, rest and enjoy, without interference (well-meant or otherwise!).”

Stop worrying

“Enjoy your baby and relax. Stop worrying about whether you are doing things correctly. As long as your baby is happy, healthy and loved, you are always doing a good job.”

Record every moment

“Take loads of photos and video even little snuffles. As they grow and change so fast, it’s great to have a record!”


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