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Baby asleep in mother's lap

How do I help my baby with jetlag?

Babies cope much better with jetlag than adults! The main reason is they’re not aware of the idea so they’re not worried about it. The key is to try to drop them straight into the new timeframe. Try to give them as much daylight through the day as you can and as much fun and distraction. Then off to bed at the normal time, with your normal bedtime routine. They may wake up early once or twice but you’ll be surprised how quickly they turn around.

Real-life stories from parents

Elaine, mum to Angelina

“We’ve recently come back from abroad and I’ve tried to keep Angelina’s routine the same, but in terms of what she wants to do, it’s slightly different. I try and get her down roughly around the same time most nights, but she has been waking up early at around 4.30am. Then she can prove quite difficult to relax and get back to sleep again so we just make her up a bottle and that usually does the trick to get her back down again. We’ve also maybe thought that she might be teething – she was quite grumpy last night – and so obviously teething gel or just whatever we can do to soothe her and relax her. Funnily enough, she slept right through last night. So it’s just swings and roundabouts. Whatever happens, happens, I think you’ve just got to deal with it as and when.”