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Woman decorating nursery

Getting the nursery ready for your little one is an exciting time. Tesco Baby Club members share their tips on the essentials.

Painting your nursery

Choosing fairly neutral colours and simple decorations is a good idea, as an elaborate nursery can overwhelm a baby’s developing senses.

“Not knowing whether the bump was going to be a girl or boy, we opted for a neutral base of sage green walls and white bedding, plus a giant tree wall sticker. We can add touches of pink or blue when we know for sure!”

Rachel, mum-to-be

Nursery furniture


Cots must have a height-adjustable base, allowing you to lower the mattress height as your baby grows and can pull himself upright, to prevent him climbing out. Cot beds that convert into a toddler bed are ideal. Don’t put the cot near the radiator, as your baby may overheat – the best temperature for babies to sleep in happily is 18°C. It should also be well away from a window – babies should not sleep in direct sunlight – and out of reach of cords on blinds or curtains. It’s better not to have these types of window furnishings but if you do, make sure the cords are securely tied out of reach.

Changing stations

Changing stations, or cot-top changers if you’re short on space, are great. They save you from bending over all the time, and give you somewhere to stow changing supplies.

A comfortable chair

A comfy chair makes it much easier for you to relax when giving night feeds. Later, it will be a cosy spot for bedtime stories.

“I have a feeding chair so I can feed her in comfort. I love the room so much, I wish it was mine!”

Katie, mum to Lyrica, 12 weeks

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds will help your baby to sleep peacefully in the day – and hopefully stop him waking too soon in the summer – but choose one without cords.

“We chose curtains rather than a blind to make the room feel warmer and more cosy, and added blackout lining to the curtains to help baby sleep better. They also help keep the temperature down in summer and retain heat in the winter.”

Kay, mum to Grace, 1


Carpets make the room feel cosy and also much quieter – so if you’re a fan of bare floorboards, you may want to make an exception for the nursery!

Nursery decorations

Although it seems traditional to put a mobile over the cot, this could distract your baby when you want him to sleep. Try putting one near the changing station instead or maybe hang some pictures on the wall there, as he’ll spend so much time having his nappy changed!

“We stapled patterned fabric over blank canvas frames we bought in an art shop. We now have pictures of all kinds of animals around the room at half the price of shop-bought pictures! Our friends like them so much that I give them as presents for their little ones!”

Helen, mum to Daniel, 22 weeks