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From sensory boards to bunny ears, keep your little one entertained with some spring-themed arts and crafts – fun for all the family

Make a springtime sensory board

To make sure your baby is involved in the spring fun, and using materials from around the house, you can put together a simple, spring-themed sensory board.

Start with a piece of cardboard and then get hunting for different textures and objects. Look for anything that could make a chick, a rabbit and a sheep, as well as a spring setting – the ideal backdrop for creating your own story. Your baby can explore the board with their hands, which will help develop their motor skills, while you get creative with the storyline.

To get you started, here are some of our ideas:

  • Scrunch up some cotton wool for the body of a sheep or to make the clouds
  • Use a large button or a pompom (yellow if you have it) for the body of a chick
  • Use carpet offcuts or any textured fabric for the body of a rabbit–look out for touch-feely items with appliqued or stitched designs
  • Glue pieces of rice running down the page to create some ‘April Showers or create some daffodils using scrunched up tissue paper

Add as many different textures and characters as you like. Once the glue has dried and your masterpiece is finished, it’s time to get storytelling!


If you’ve got a slightly older bunny bouncing around this spring, you might want to keep them entertained with some of these spring-themed activities:

Decorate hard-boiled eggs

Use washable paint, stickers, fabric and tissue to make them as colourful as possible. You could even paint and decorate an egg carton too so they’ve got a home to live in afterwards.

Have an Easter egg hunt

Get all your friends and family involved, and host your own Easter egg hunt. Use hard-boiled, chocolate or plastic eggs filled with gifts and hide them where little detectives can easily find them. When all the eggs have been found, share them out to avoid any tantrums.

Fill the garden with bunnies

Draw basic rabbit shapes on card and cut them out. Paint them in any colour you like, glue on cotton wool tails, and place them around the garden – the more the merrier.

Make a bunny mask

Take a paper plate and draw a simple rabbit face on one side. Glue on wool or pipe cleaners for whiskers, cut out holes for the eyes and add rabbit ears using pink and white card. Then glue the plate to a stick so they can hold the mask to their face.



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