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From first foods to feeding the whole family, Piccolo has launched a new ebooklet to help grandparents wean their little ones

Did you know that 9.2 million grandparents are actively involved in the care of their grandchildren in the UK? If you’re one of those grandparents, you may find yourself in charge of mealtimes from time to time. But where do you start? Thankfully Piccolo has created a free ebooklet to help you along the way.

From top weaning tips to recipe ideas for each stage, the ebooklet gives you all the information you need to help wean your grandchild. You’ll also find expert advice from infant nutrition specialist Alice Fotheringham. And you’ll find information on what foods to introduce and when including herbs and spices.

To help them get to grips with weaning and the new ebooklet, Piccolo and Alice invited grandparents along to Alice’s kitchen in London for an exclusive workshop. Together they whipped up vegetable muffins, flat bread pizzas and summer berries smoothies. The workshop and ebooklet aimed to make them feel more confident about getting involved with weaning and feeding their grandchildren.

“Alice helped me think of all sorts of new ideas for feeding my grandkids – I’d been doing pasta and mince all the time, and it was so inspiring to be given lots of other options and suggestions that hadn’t occurred to me,” said Tony, who attended the workshop. “And even better, they’re meals I would eat too, so now I have half the amount of cooking to do!”

Alice also shared her top tips along with the most up-to-date thinking and advice around nutrition, mealtimes and snacks. “Be responsive,” says Alice. “If your grandchild doesn’t show much interest in food, that’s ok. Take it away and try it again later. Also don’t forget to look at what they’ve eaten throughout the whole week rather than focusing on each day by itself.”

See how the grandparents got on in the full video above. Then download your weaning ebook below to get started – happy weaning!

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