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Weaning is an exciting chapter in your little one’s life, and if you’re starting your baby on solids over the festive season it can be even more memorable

We recently asked you to share your Christmas weaning stories and memories on Facebook using #weaningstory.

We wondered if your baby joined the rest of the family at the table for Christmas dinner. Or if you maybe rustled up a lovely purée of turkey and parsnips so your little one could get their first taste of festive flavours. Did your baby wear (or maybe try to eat) a party hat? And most important of all, did they like brussels sprouts?

We’ve taken just a few of our favourite responses and turned them into a video for you to enjoy. And if you’re weaning your baby over the festive season this year, maybe you’ll even pick up a tip or two…

Congratulations again to Amy Louise and her little one, the winners of our Christmas #weaningstory prize draw!




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