Things to take when you go on holiday with your baby

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Your baby’s first holiday with you is a very exciting time but lots of new parents get very anxious that they will forget something vital.

So firstly think about how you’ll be travelling – choosing the right pieces of travel gear will certainly help smooth the journey and make it easier to get around once you’ve arrived.

Baby holiday checklist

  • A passport if you are going to another country – check out the guidelines for applying for a baby’s passport and baby passport photos first!
  • A good first aid kit
  • A carbon monoxide monitor and smoke alarm if there will not be one at the place you are staying
  • If you’re formula feeding, enough formula powder to last the trip – unless you know for certain you can buy the same brand there. If you’re going for a long time and need to change brands, make the swap slowly
  • If your baby is small, a complete travel system buggy makes it easier to get in and out of cars and airplanes. A lightweight buggy you can lift easily into your car boot makes sense if you baby is old enough to sit up
  • Make sure your buggy has an airline tag on it since you’ll probably need to leave it at boarding, and collect it at the other end
  • A front carrier or baby sling can make life a lot easier when your baby is tiny. Then you can have your baby safe and sound as you trundle around the airport pulling your suitcase
  • Something like a dark blind/curtain to make a makeshift blind to keep your baby’s room dark when she’s asleep. Some babies don’t mind too much about this, but you’ll know if yours does!
  • If your baby sleeps in a cot, ask in advance when you book your holiday – discovering there’s no cot available when you arrive is not a good start to a holiday. Alternatively, take along your own travel cot – there are some great soft pop-up options for little babies! You will need cot sheets and bedclothes too
  • Most airlines put little babies with their parents in the front rows, where there are baby cots supplied. But the numbers are limited and quite often parents are left with no cot and having to hold their babies the whole flight
  • If you’re travelling somewhere hot, make sure your pushchair has a sun umbrella or UV screen and you have baby-safe sunscreen
  • Your plug-in baby monitor or night-light can be useful for settling her back to sleep in an unfamiliar room. You may need a plug adaptor too if you’re going abroad
  • Any medicines she might need, and preferred skin creams etc
  • Take along a couple of her favourite toys and books
  • A camera for all those cute baby shots!

Also, remember all your usual baby supplies such as:

  • Breast pump and breastmilk storing bags (if you need to express on holiday)
  • Travel steriliser kit or sterilising tablets
  • One-day supply of baby bottles and teats if bottle feeding
  • Clothes
  • Blanket if things get chilly
  • Toys
  • Muslins
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Sample-size nappy cream
  • Travel changing mat
  • Sunhat and baby suncream
  • Tissues and bibs
  • Car seat

Remember, the packing of all creams and liquids need to comply with airport security regulations. Bon voyage!