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All about Fig & Bloom for Tesco Baby Club

Fig & Bloom was founded in 2014 after a chance school-run meeting between a nutritional therapist and a chef. The result? A London-based consultancy that specialises in nutrition, cooking tutorials and recipe development – aiming to improve health and wellbeing for life.

Registered nutritional therapist, Stephanie Ridley and holistic chef, Dorothy Barrick, are passionate about helping everyone to learn about and eat fresh, wholesome food that nourishes them and suits their lifestyle. This includes using science-based nutritional information, and recipes tailored to pregnancy and after you’ve had your baby, as well as nutrition for skin and beauty, digestive health, hormonal balance and much more.

The Fig & Bloom philosophy

  • We can all eat better: Everyone has different lifestyles and different needs, so there’s no single diet or approach that works for everyone. However, everyone can make simple changes to eat better and ultimately feel better.
  • Wholefoods are key: Fig & Bloom only use nutrient-dense whole foods in their recipes – everything is natural and unprocessed, gluten-free and doesn’t use refined sugar. This makes for nutritious food that tastes great too!
  • Inspire not lecture: Fig & Bloom aims to educate, rather than make anyone feel guilty about their food choices – ultimately inspiring better-informed decisions that will improve long-term health and wellbeing.

Hungry for more? You can find out about Fig & Bloom and the services they offer here.



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