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Feeding expert Annabel Karmel gives advice on how to get your little one to try more things

1. Make mealtimes a positive experience. Hide your frustration when your toddler refuses to eat, and praise him if he eats well or tries something new. Always avoid using mealtimes to assert your authority.

2. Give your toddler a variety of foods – don’t just stick to the old favourites or he may lack nutrients. If your tot has a very restricted diet, give him a small amount of a new food only when he’s really hungry. If he’s willing to try it, ladle on the praise. If not, let it go.

3. Give little ones smaller portions and make their meals as appealing as possible (within reason!). Think mini burgers and tiny florets of broccoli, or pizza with veg and cheese arranged as a smiley face with hair!

4. Eat as a family. The social chat should help take the focus off your toddler.

5. Cook with your kids: it stimulates the appetite, and they usually want to try what they’ve made.

6. Let your toddler choose ingredients: lay them out in bowls and let him fill and fold his own wrap, or select fruit pieces for a fruit salad.


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