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Once your little one is able to walk, curiosity is bound to get the better of them and nowhere in your home is beyond their reach! As well as taking steps to toddler-proof your home and car it’s also worth thinking about upgrading your first aid kit so you’re prepared for all eventualities.

Both St John Ambulance and the NHS recommend having a home first aid kit to hand that contains basics such as:

  • waterproof plasters (for minor cuts and wounds)
  • sterile eyepads (for small wounds and/or foreign bodies such as dirt in the eye)
  • bandages (crepe for sprains and triangular to make a sling)
  • sterile dressing pads (for wounds where a plaster is too small)
  • vinyl gloves (to keep both the casualty and the first-aider safe)
  • safety scissors (in case you need to cut clothing away from an injury)
  • alcohol-free wipes (for cleaning grazes and minor wounds)
  • plus safety pins, and micropore tape for securing bandages etc

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