Tesco Loves Baby Club has teamed up with The Essential Parent Company to bring you everyday parenting advice you can rely on. The Essential Parent Company’s experts include doctors, paediatricians, midwives, dietitians and sleep trainers – and all are dedicated to helping mums and dads discover the best ways to care for their babies and enjoy parenthood.


Dr Rebecca Chicot PhD

Child development and parenting expert

Dr Chicot has a PhD in Parenting and Child Development from the University of Cambridge and is one of the founders of The Essential Parent Company. She spent years working on BBC science documentaries and experiments she developed were reproduced and filmed for the groundbreaking ‘Child Of Our Time’ series. Rebecca is passionate about giving new mums and dads the confidence to be relaxed and happy parents.


Professor Robert Winston

Scientist, presenter and politician

Professor Winston is one of the UK’s best-known and most respected scientists. He advises on and narrates The Essential Parent Company’s DVDs and apps, and is also chairman of the Genesis Research Trust, which funds research into health conditions that affect women and babies. Professor Winston, who presented the landmark BBC science series ‘Child Of Our Time’, is passionate about baby development.


Melissa Little

Paediatric dietitian

Melissa advises pregnant women and mothers with young children on nutrition. She is the founding director of Foodtalk CIC, which works with families, schools, children’s centres and local authorities. Melissa is also a committee member of several bodies including the London branch of the British Dietetic Association and the Dietitians in Obesity Management Childhood Obesity Group.


Lena Engel

Early years and education specialist

Lena has decades of experience working in schools, education policy and early years services. She is currently a parenting adviser and trainer, as well as a part-time Ofsted inspector. Lena uses her counselling skills and expertise to help parents with tricky early years problems and starting school.


Alison Ross DipHe BSc (Hons)

Retired midwife and specialist in perinatal mental health

Alison was a specialist midwife for mental health at Kingston Hospital and is trained in supporting new mums who are overwhelmed, sad or depressed. She loves babies and shows how to hold, change and safely lay down a baby in The EPC’s Essential Baby Care Guide DVDs.


Alice Maclaine

Montessori-trained nursery teacher

Alice teaches at the prestigious Rolfe’s Nursery School in Notting Hill, London, and is passionate about teaching babies and children through play and exploration. She is also part of the Mamaheaven team that runs yoga retreats for mums and babies.



Consultant paediatrician

Anna is a paediatric consultant at Cambridge University NHS Trust, where she specialises in brain development and neurology. A mum of three, she understands new parents’ concerns about their baby’s health. Anna is an expert in common ailments and medical emergencies that can happen in the first year, as well as how to treat and prevent illnesses.


Katrina Phillips

Chief executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust

Katrina is an expert in child accidents and has a deep knowledge of the risks babies face in their first year. She is dedicated to helping parents understand their baby’s development and how this helps to predict the accidents they are likely to have.


Mandy Gurney

Nurse, sleep expert and director of the Millpond Sleep Clinic

Mandy began her career as a general nurse and later trained as a midwife and health visitor. After her son, now 18, struggled with sleep problems as a baby, she set up a sleep clinic at St Charles Hospital in London. In 2005, Mandy set up the Millpond Sleep Clinic, which helps families with children who have sleep problems, as well as training NHS professionals.

Sally Tedstone

Sally Tedstone

Midwife and breastfeeding educator, UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative

Sally has 20 years’ experience as a midwife and now works to give mums all the support they need to breastfeed successfully. She has a wealth of practical experience in training infant feeding coordinators and currently works with the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative to promote and encourage breastfeeding. Sally, whose interest in breastfeeding grew after the birth of her first daughter, features in several Essential Parent Company feeding videos.

Heather Graham

Heather Graham

First Aid Trainer at St John Ambulance

Heather is a St John Ambulance Trainer. She teaches the paediatric first aid course across London and often does media work on behalf of St John Ambulance.

Charlie Weeks-Bell

Charlie Weeks-Bell

First Aid Trainer at St John Ambulance

Charlie is a former paramedic, a St John Ambulance Trainer and the Delivery Coordinator for St John for the South-East of England. He teaches the paediatric first aid course across London.

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