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Parents test... Tilda Kids rice

We asked parents to test Tilda Kids rice and let us know what they thought. The results are in!

Emma, mum to two-year-old Charlie

I’d tried Tilda rice before but this was the first time Charlie had eaten it. I like that the rice comes in small portions so there’s hardly any waste. Charlie loved the Vegetable and Wholegrain rice, and I used it to make rice muffins –Charlie kept asking for more and my husband really enjoyed them too. I will definitely buy Tilda Kids rice again in the future because I like that they’re not only convenient but healthy too, as they contain one of your five-a-day. Plus Charlie absolutely loved the flavours.

Victoria, mum to four-year-old Aria

Aria loved the Mild Curry rice as it contained sweetcorn (her favourite!). I found it really simple and easy to cook and I knew that my daughter was getting a healthy meal. We ate it with pork gyoza, another one of Aria’s favourite foods! I particularly liked the fact that one serving contains a portion of vegetables, and I think these packets will be useful if you’re away on holiday too.

Rosa, mum to 21-month-old Christian

I was surprised by how much Christian enjoyed the Mild Curry variant; he loved the flavour and kept asking for more! I enjoyed the variety of the rice, as they were rich and mild at the same time so perfect for a toddler exploring different flavours. They were extremely easy to cook too – I simply heated them up in a frying pan and added a drop of olive oil at the end. I also liked that they were gluten-free. Christian doesn’t have any intolerances but it’s nice as a parent to know that these options are available. The portions are ideal for Charlie until he reaches around the age of three. When I need something quick and good for my children I’ll definitely go for Tilda Kids rice.

Magna, mum to four-year-old Alara

We hadn’t tried Tilda Kids rice before, but Alara really enjoyed the Sunshine Vegetable rice. We served it with roast chicken and Alara gave it her ‘tasty’ seal of approval. I liked that the rice was more nutritious and tastier than adult rice and I’ll be buying it in the future.

Neha, mum to 16-month-old Mia

This was the first time we had tried Tilda Kids. The Cheese and Tomato rice was the tastiest and went well with lots of meals, I even served it with a bean chilli. We also made cod on a bed of Sunshine rice with peas. Before I would spend time boiling rice but this is really easy to cook and it now takes less than a minute to get it ready!