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The festive season is supposed to be magical, but when your baby bump is larger than Santa’s belly, it can sometimes be hard to feel the joy.  Here are our top tips for staying calm and relaxed at Christmas when you’re pregnant

1. Keep it simple

Don’t try and do too much – do you really need to make your own Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce and canapés? Instead buy a few ready prepared bits so you can focus on other things.

2. Ask for help

If you’re feeling tired and uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to ask loved ones to help. Your festive cheer might be wearing a bit thin with your mother-in-law, but if it means you get five minutes to put your feet up, swallow your pride and see if she’ll lend a hand in the kitchen.

3. Relax

If this is your first pregnancy, bear in mind this will be your last ever Christmas without children, so be sure to make the most of it! Lie in, have breakfast in bed, read a book and embrace any chance for peace and quiet. Next year will be a whole different ball game…

4. Go easy

Rich festive food can play havoc with your digestion at the best of times, let alone when your body is all over the place during pregnancy. Talk to a pharmacist and see if they recommend keeping some Gaviscon to hand – it’s likely to be your new best friend anyway – and try not to over indulge.

5. Be clear

Make sure you ask for what you want for Christmas. This is the ideal time for people to buy you gifts to make you feel special and loved. Save the baby gifts for when baby arrives or your baby shower.

6. Best dressed

You might not be able to squeeze into your favourite LBD for the office Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a tent to cover your bump. You can still look fab with some killer accessories and that pregnancy glow.

7. Be prepared

If you’re near your due date, don’t forget to have your hospital bag packed before the festivities. Also make sure your designated driver keeps off the Christmas tipples in case you go into labour a bit early. You don’t want to be struggling to find a cab on Christmas Day…

8. Other children

If you already have children, use Christmas to make sure they know how special they are. They might be a bit unsettled by the impending arrival of a new sibling – so a little reassurance will go far.

9. Online shopping

Instead of traipsing around the shops searching for Christmas gifts, buy the bulk of your presents from the comfort of your sofa. Your swollen ankles will thank you for it.

10. Go with your emotions

You’re likely to be feeling a bit more emotional during your pregnancy and Christmas is a great way to embrace your feelings. So grab a box of tissues and your favourite chocolate bar and weep your way through It’s a Wonderful Life… or Elf

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