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Use the last month of your pregnancy to batch cook wholesome food to enjoy once your little one is here

The first few weeks after giving birth are an incredible time for you and your partner – welcoming your new bundle home is something you’ll remember forever. But chances are you’ll be so busy with your new arrival you won’t have time to look after yourselves, so it might help to do a bit of preparation before the big day.

One way to get ready is to embrace your nesting instincts and to cook up some hearty and nutritious meals you can pop in the freezer, ready to defrost when you need them the most.

If you’re breastfeeding you’ll need an energy-packed diet, while both of you will appreciate meals that give you a boost especially if your baby is keeping you up at night.

Here are a few ideas to keep you going though those first few weeks:


Quick and easy to make, you can throw in any vegetables you have in the fridge. If you want to make it into a more substantial meal you can add some pasta, rice or pulses for a hit of carbs and protein. Still hungry? Crisp up some leftover bread to make some crunchy croutons. This leek and potato soup is warming and comforting.


One pot recipes are simple to make and are great served with a big salad for extra vitamins and minerals. This sausage, chorizo and chickpea stew is a big bowl of yumminess perfect for when you’re feeling tired.

Pasta sauces

A simple tomato, Bolognese or cheese sauce can be a lifesaver to have stashed in the freezer. Use wholemeal pasta for a hit of slow-release carbohydrates and add in some veggies, like frozen peas, for extra goodness. Try this spaghetti puttanesca for a twist on a tomato sauce with a little chilli kick.


A vegetarian or meat curry is another freezer favourite if you like things a bit spicy. Serve with rice and naan bread for a filling meal – much better than spending money on a takeaway. A Thai curry like this chicken and butternut squash recipe is full of flavour and textures.


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