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Becoming a mum or dad is really exciting – and with twins, triplets (or more!) on the way, you’ve got loads to look forward to. Here are our top tips for managing life with your babies.

Plan it, don’t panic

As experienced multi-taskers, mums are super organised, so think about what you want to get ready before the babies arrive. Set yourself one realistic target to achieve each week and make it happen. Do your homework – the more information you can get early on in your pregnancy, the better prepared you’ll feel. There are lots of great sources of support and advice including:

  • Tamba, the twins and multiple births association.
  • Your GP and health professionals.
  • Other parents and local support groups.

Look after yourself

The most valuable thing you can do for you and your babies is to take care of yourself. It’s a great habit to develop – not just in pregnancy, but once your babies are here. Mums are great at looking after everyone else but can forget themselves!

  • Get plenty of rest. Listen to your body and stop when it tells you to.
  • Have regular healthy meals and drinks.
  • Treat yourself. Book into a spa that offers treatments for expectant mums or get your hair or nails done.
  • Find an activity you enjoy such as walking, swimming or yoga to give you more energy and to help you relax.
  • And remember, enjoy your pregnancy and take it one day at a time.

How to be super parent!

Everyone knows new babies can be demanding, so be realistic with your expectations. As a parent, you achieve a huge amount on an hourly basis and it’s important to remember this.

Stand back and look at all the benefits

As a parent of twins or more, it means you’ll get all the hard work, nappies and sleepless nights done and dusted in one go. And you’ll find it’s easier to entertain them together when they’re toddlers and older!

Catch up on sleep when they sleep

You’ll be kept busy with more than one baby, so sleep when they’re snoozing – don’t be tempted to do the housework. Put the babies down for a nap at the same time so that you’re guaranteed some ‘me’ time.

Devise a plan, so you can cope with crying

All babies cry when they’re tired, hungry, under the weather or want attention – it’s their only way to let you know they need something. Arrange with your partner to take turns with your babies and share the workload when they’re crying. And always talk to your health visitor or GP if you need support or advice.

Let friends and family help out

Take any help that’s offered so that you can spend time with your babies individually. It’s good for your partner to have one-to-one bonding time with each of your children too. The support of friends, family, mother and toddler groups, health professionals and babysitters can be a lifeline. Home-Start also helps families with young children, providing them with one-to-one support. Remember that a chance to recharge your batteries will make you an even better parent.


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