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mum saving in pregnancy

Prepare for your little one’s arrival with these simple steps to saving in pregnancy

Discovering you’re going to have a baby is life changing in lots of ways – including financially! Here are our top tips for parents saving during pregnancy.

1. Cut back on your expenses

In our recent survey about the costs of having a baby, 72% of parents said they spent less on themselves in order to save during pregnancy. We all love indulging in a takeaway or coffee-to-go every so often, but these little weekly treats can add up – you’ll be surprised how much you can save by taking your own lunch to work for example.

2. Make the most of what’s free 

Everyone loves a freebie, and the good news is, you’re entitled to loads of benefits as expectant parents – from free NHS prescriptions and classes for mums-to-be, to offers and discounts from parenting clubs, which are free to join.

3. Sell things to make a bit extra

There are lots of ways to make a bit of extra cash and one of the easiest is to declutter and sell unwanted items. More than 30% of parents in our survey sold things online to make money. Websites and apps like eBay, Gumtree and Depop can make the process really simple – and clear some space for your baby’s arrival!

4. Change suppliers for a better deal

Electricity and phone bills usually come out of your account automatically, but you could be saving hundreds if you switch to a cheaper supplier. Also, consider your monthly subscriptions – the gym, Netflix, magazines – and ask yourself if you’re getting your money’s worth. You might find you have less time on your hands once your baby arrives!

5. See if it’s essential

 Other parents are the experts when it comes to the difference between what’s nice to have, and what you really need. For example, a changing table might be a lovely addition to your nursery, but if it’s not within budget you could swap it for a cot top changer or a simple changing mat. Shopping second-hand, or (even better) borrowing from friends, can really cut costs. It can be a great way to compromise and afford those non-essential items that you’d still love to have.

6. Use your baby shower gifts wisely

Hold off buying everything you need until after the baby shower. Friends and family are often really generous, so don’t be afraid to make a list and ask for what you need. If you’re gifted with lots of clothes in the same size, exchange some for bigger sizes to get more wear out of them.

7. Buy a convertible

Sorry, we’re not talking about a zippy new car. We’re talking about products that adapt as your child gets older, like a pushchair or car seat, as these can end up being great value for money. Spending more on a quality product that stands the test of time can be a really smart move, especially if you think you might have more than one baby, or want to sell it on afterwards.

8. Shop around for the best deal

Impulse buying is the savvy shopper’s number one enemy. It’s worth looking around online to see who has the best deal on, especially for more expensive items like nursery furniture.

9. Buy in bulk

Supermarkets and retailers often hold Baby Events with offers on everyday essentials. You’re always going to need things like nappies and wipes, so it’s a good idea to stock up while they’re on offer. Sign up to Tesco Baby Club to the first to hear about them.

10. Save on maternity wear

For mums-to-be, pregnancy can seem like an exciting opportunity to buy a new wardrobe to flaunt your burgeoning bump. However, you won’t wear them for long, so cost per wear is high! Remember, there are some gorgeous maternity clothes to be found second-hand, or even borrowed from mum friends who aren’t using them. Here’s to a savvy, stylish pregnancy!


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