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Jetting off on a babymoon for one final hurrah? We asked beauty expert Abby Ireland how to feel and look your best

With baby’s due date on the horizon, it’s your last chance to make the most of freely available ‘me time’ and treat yourself to a holiday. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to warmer climes for your babymoon, beauty expert Abby Ireland has some top tips to share for looking and feeling holiday-ready, plus how to savour those special moments.

Holiday prep

Most of your usual pre-holiday beauty regime will stay the same when you’re pregnant, but why not add in a few little extras as a treat?

  • Nails: Head to the salon for a manicure or pedicure. A gel manicure will last for weeks and you won’t have to worry about any chips while you’re away. Now that your feet are pretty much out of reach beyond your bump, there’s never been a better time to say you need a fancy salon pedicure. If you’re more of a DIY kind of girl, enlist your partner to paint your toes this time.
  • Tanning: You have to be extra careful in the sun when you’re pregnant, so think about reaching for the self-tan instead. If you’ve never used fake tan before and you don’t want to risk it before a big holiday – try a daily moisturiser with a hint of tan. This will help build up a little colour gradually in the weeks before you go away.
  • Waxing: Getting a wax might not feel like a treat, but it’s definitely a short cut to super-smooth skin while you’re away. The main benefit is  you get to skip those awkward shaves in the hotel shower – it’s just not as easy when you can’t actually see your legs.

Getting there

Travelling can be stressful in general, but try and savour these last few adult-only trips. Going on holiday with a baby is completely different ­– for starters, you’ll have another little person to think about and a lot of extra baggage.

  • You can fly when pregnant up until week 28, after that some airline policies differ and may require a doctor’s note. Make sure you check before you book your flights.
  • Limit stress on the day by giving yourself plenty of time at the airport. You can’t head to the Champagne lounge or Yo Sushi this time round, but you can treat yourself to some new perfume in duty free or have a nice meal before your flight.
  • Flying long distance? Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Book an aisle seat as you’ll probably be popping to the loo regularly. It’s good to get up every so often anyway to stretch your legs, which can help ease swelling and cramps.

While you’re away

  • Have a massage. If your hotel has a spa, see if they offer a pregnancy massage. This will use bump-friendly products – some essential oils are thought to be unsuitable for pregnant women – and will focus on gently relieving tension from problem areas like sore backs and achey legs or feet. Bliss.
  • Stay safe in the sun. Hormones make your skin extra sensitive to the light. This can lead to pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure, especially on the face. Always wear a high-protection SPF, and don’t rely on moisturisers or make-up to provide coverage for your face. Apply an SPF all over your body at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Even if you usually love sunbathing, you’ll be feeling a lot warmer now you’re pregnant and any extended time in the sun might feel uncomfortable. Limit time to direct exposure by sitting in the shade when you can. Read more about the golden rules of staying safe in the sun while pregnant.
  • Treat your feet: Your feet go through a lot when you’re pregnant. They’re carrying a lot more weight, and it’s completely normal for them to swell up too, especially in hot weather. Walking barefoot on the sand is a good exfoliator, so when you get back to the hotel ask (beg?) your partner to massage in a cooling gel to help relax and soothe.

Lastly, but most importantly, enjoy yourself. Take this time out to read, relax and sleep – while you still can!


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