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Woman protects her stomach

Getting a sick feeling – or worse, actually vomiting – early in pregnancy is a very common occurrence. Some of our My Club mums tell us how they coped with morning sickness during pregnancy, and give us their top tips on how to make it a little more bearable

Take it easy in the morning

“I found that by taking my time getting up in the morning and generally moving slowly I suffered less from morning sickness as a result.”

Have breakfast

“Dry toast and weak black tea was my winner – it really helped first thing in the morning. Carry on eating small amounts throughout the day with plenty of fluids.”

Have a midnight snack

“If you wake up for the toilet in the middle of the night, have a Rich Tea biscuit or two – it’ll stop the overwhelming nausea when you wake!”

Try ice lollies if liquids make you ill

“I found that ice lollies helped me during the day, especially as drinking water made me feel worse.”

Orange juice might help

“I drank gallons of orange juice which seemed to do the trick. I think that different things help different people so do what’s best for you; I tried all the advice I was given and nothing worked.”

Take your time

“I found wearing travel bands on my wrist worked. Also, don’t rush in the morning; if I rushed in the morning before work I would be sick. Take your time so you don’t have to rush your breakfast.”

Keep snacks handy

“Eat little and often. Carry lots of snacks you can eat, should the nausea come on. I also drank lots of Bottlegreen’s Ginger & Lemongrass Cordial, both hot and cold. Avoid really hot showers and stuffy rooms, too!”

Avoid the morning rush

“Going into work a bit earlier to avoid the morning rush on the Tube helped me a lot.”

Ginger remedy

“I suffered with sickness in the late afternoon. I found drinking ginger tea (slices of fresh root ginger infused in hot water) helped enormously.”

Keep biscuits in your bag

“Ginger biscuits really helped me during both my pregnancies! I would buy packs of two, which were an ideal size to keep in my handbag for when I felt queasy, especially on the bus to work!”

Go for ‘dry’ food

“Dry food helped me, so breadsticks were a winner. Anything slimy or ‘wet’ made me so ill!”