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The end is in sight so try and spend some time focusing on yourself in the last few weeks before your baby arrives

You’ve nearly made it. After months of waiting, it will soon be time to meet your new arrival. But before the big day arrives, you’ll need to conserve some energy. Try to use the final trimester to concentrate on your wellbeing and prepare for the journey that lies ahead.

Time together

Your social life is likely to revolve around one particular tiny person in the first few months so enjoy your freedom while you still can. If this is your first baby, make the most of not yet needing a babysitter and grab some time out with your partner or friends. It’s a great time to cash in your Clubcard points with Tesco’s Reward Partners for a meal out or a pampering spa day. If you already have children, see if you can call on your support network to give you some time off.

Rest up

It might be getting pretty hard to get a good night’s sleep thanks to your ever increasing bump, so it’s important to try to make up for it when you can. Grab every opportunity to have a nap during the day – even if it’s just for half an hour in front of the TV. At night, try using a maternity cushion to support your bump or use some extra pillows to wedge between your legs.


If you can’t sleep or are worried about the birth, try some relaxation techniques to calm your mind. Even if you aren’t interested in a hypnobirth, the breathing exercises, music and CDs could really help to relax you.

Gentle exercise

Although you might not feel up for it, try to do some gentle exercise in your final trimester – walking to the shop for a loaf of bread, a leisurely swim (or float) in the pool or a pregnancy yoga class. It can help with sleeping and your general feeling of wellbeing.

Eat well

Indigestion and heartburn are common complaints in the final trimester, but it’s still important to eat regularly and healthily. Try smaller meals little and often and make sure you give food plenty of time to digest before going to bed. Avoid overly spicy, acidic or sugary foods that might trigger discomfort and keep eating fibre to prevent constipation.


Now you’re in your final trimester it’s safe to book a massage. Choose one that’s been designed for pregnancy, as the therapist will know which oils are safe to use on your bump and the best techniques. Massages can help ease some of your aches and pains as well as giving you an hour or so to focus on yourself. But they rarely come cheap, so if you can’t stretch to a professional one, see if your partner will gently rub your shoulders and lower back to undo some knots. Or light some candles and take a long soak in a warm (not too hot) bath.

DIY pampering

From hydrating face masks to moisturising manicures, spend some time looking after yourself in your final few weeks of pregnancy. Soon, just having time for a shower every day will feel like a luxury! Raid the fridge for some pregnancy-friendly, homemade beauty ingredients, like cucumber eye soothers and avocado facemasks.

Get your home ready

You might have thought it was an old wive’s tale but for many women (and men!) the nesting instinct is real. So if you suddenly have the urge to start ironing your partner’s underwear or cleaning out the kitchen cupboards – go with it! Focusing on practical tasks might take your mind off the birth and help you feel ready to welcome your new house guest…

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