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From the cake to the guests to the decorations, organising a baby shower can be quite a challenge. Once you’ve got all of that under control, you might want a few fun activities to keep everyone entertained – even your friend who doesn’t actually like babies and is really only there to drink the Prosecco she bought. Try out some of these novel ideas to get everyone involved, talking and creating some heart-warming memories to look back on…

The building blocks

Forget decorating baby grows and nappies – getting your guests to decorate wooden building blocks will give you a keepsake for you and a gorgeous learning tool for your baby to use in months to come.

  1. Get your hands on a set of wooden building blocks.
  2. Lay out some marker colouring pens and give each guest one block to get creative with.
  3. Decorate all four sides of the block: one with a number, one with a letter, one with a short message to the baby or parents, and one with your name (make sure you all have allocated numbers and letters to avoid repetitions).

Baby shower scrapbook

Instead of cards that often get stored away or thrown in the bin, keep all those good luck messages, bits of advice and well wishes in one place with the help of a notebook and your baby shower guests.

  1. Buy a simple notebook or sketchbook with plain pages.
  2. Split the book into different sections and put a heading at the top of each page, such as ‘Best tips for motherhood’, ‘Why you’ll make a great mum’, ‘Guess the baby’s weight’, ‘Guess the baby’s name’ and ‘Good luck messages’ for the dad-to-be or partner.
  3. Leave a few pages blank to stick in photos of everyone at the baby shower.
  4. Pass the book around throughout the baby shower and by the end you’ll have a ready-made scrapbook with thoughts, tips, advice and messages from your loved ones to look back over for years to come.

The first year bucket list

Your baby’s first year will no doubt fly by before you’ve even come up for air, so create plenty of specific memories for you to look back on and it’ll help break up that endless feed, sleep, repeat cycle. Ask your guests to give you their best ideas for things you and your baby can do together.

  1. Get everyone to suggest activities with everything from trips and places to visit to new foods to try in your baby’s first year. Those who have babies will be able to share some real tips while others might simply say ‘Come and see me for a coffee!’
  2. Ask them to write each idea down on small pieces of card.
  3. Place the cards in a decorated jar or small container.
  4. Throughout the year, pick out different ideas so you’ll never be stuck for things to do on your maternity leave. Each time you choose one you’ll also be reminded of the person who wrote it!

Baby’s first book

If you prefer reading books to building blocks, you can ask your friends and family to be the co-writers of your baby’s very first book – a sentimental gift and a useful present all in one.

  1. Type out one letter of the alphabet per page and print them out ready for your guests.
  2. Grab some colouring pencils and pens.
  3. Ask everyone to pick a letter, colour it in and write a note to your little one.
  4. After the baby shower, you can get the pages bound and laminated to create your baby’s first book!

The time capsule

With a little help from your closest friends and family, you can put together a thoughtful time capsule for your baby to open when they reach their 18th birthday. This might be more of a gift than a game, but fast-forward 18 years and just imagine the fun (and embarrassment) you’ll have looking back at today’s fashions and tastes!

  1. All you need to provide is a small chest or box (even a shoe box will do).
  2. Ask everyone to bring along a photo, souvenir, trinket or anything at all related to the year of your pregnancy. It could be a CD of the biggest-selling song of the year, or a photo of everyone at the baby shower.
  3. One by one you can present each item to the group and place it in the capsule – you’ll have fun reminiscing about the year gone by and seeing what everyone has brought along.

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