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What did you think when you saw that little blue line?

Finding out you’re expecting a baby can be one of the most joyful experiences of your life, but sometimes the news can come as a bit of a surprise too. However you felt, one thing’s for sure, you’re unlikely to forget that precise moment. From the apprehensive to the excited, here are some of your recollections.

“I’m not ready.”

“When I fell pregnant for the second time, we’d just moved house a few days before I found out. Although it was planned I hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. I burst into tears after I took the test, as I felt overwhelmed by the move and not ready to be pregnant again.” Joanna, from London

“How will I break it to my partner that we can’t go travelling after all?”

“We had tried for a baby for a long time without success, and as it wasn’t working out we had decided to rent our house out and go travelling round Europe for six months or so. We had bought a camper van and were starting to put things in place when we found out I was pregnant.” Jackie from Yorkshire

“I don’t believe it!”

“I had been told that I might struggle to have children due to polycystic ovary syndrome but it turned out this was vastly over-diagnosed and I needn’t have worried. I didn’t actually believe the pregnancy test as the line seemed quite faint. I rang my sister (who already had four children by then so I figured she would reassure me!). She said, ‘You can’t be a little bit pregnant!’ I didn’t dare to believe until I was six weeks pregnant and in a yoga class when the teacher asked if anyone thought they might be pregnant and therefore should not try a particular pose – I put my hand up and then started to cry!” Kerry from Devon

“How will I tell my sister?”

“I found out I was pregnant with my first child a few weeks before my sister was due to give birth to her first baby. I was really worried she would think I was trying to steal her thunder. In the end she was over the moon when I eventually told her, although I did wait until after her little girl was born!” Katie, from Essex

“At last. I hope it’s all ok this time.”

“I’d been trying to fall pregnant for a few years and following an early miscarriage I was overjoyed when I took the test but scared at the same time. Thankfully all was well and I gave birth to a beautiful girl.” Catherine, from Suffolk

“I can’t wait to tell my mum.”

“I wanted to tell my mum as soon as possible because she was terminally ill and needed something else to focus on. It brought her so much joy knowing my wife was carrying her first grandchild and she loved seeing the bump grow. Unfortunately she died before our son was born but I’m so glad she knew he was on the way.” Matt from Derbyshire

And the more amusing ones

“What if I drop the baby?” Simon from London

“How am I going to survive nine months without Brie and wine?” Rachel from Essex

“Will my husband grow up now?” Laura from Nottinghamshire

“Hooray, I don’t need to diet anymore!” Rebecca from Cardiff

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