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Children love sucking on fruity frozen yogurts just as much as ice lollies, and you know that they are doing them some good at the same time. Choose live probiotic yogurt – it’s great for toddlers’ digestive systems and may help with upset tummies. Buy some cheap lolly holders.


  • 250g fresh or defrosted (from frozen) summer berries
  • 2tsp light soft brown sugar (optional)
  • 248ml double cream
  • 250ml natural live yogurt or good quality fruit yogurt


  1. Purée the berries using a hand-held blender or a food processor until smooth. Add the sugar if using.
  2. Whip the cream until thick and soft peaks form.
  3. Fold the fruit into the cream, add the yogurt and mix together.
  4. Pour into lolly moulds – you should be able to make about eight. Insert lolly sticks and freeze for two to three hours. Remove from the freezer 10 mins before you want to eat them.