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Toddler and mother

Hayley McLean, who blogs at Sparkles & Stretchmarks, is preparing to potty train her son, Tyne, aged two. Follow her progress in her potty training diary…

Now that his baby brother Noah is four months old, Tyne has decided that he is a big boy – and he thinks it’s time for big boy pants! He’s also started to tell me when he’s ‘been’ and what he’s done, and actively asks me to change his nappy when it’s wet or dirty rather than hiding behind the sofa and avoiding nappy changes at all costs like he used to. All great signs that he’s ready for potty training, so now’s as good a time as any to start, right?

I’ve thought long and hard about what sort of approach I want to take with the whole potty training business. Originally I was determined to avoid using an actual potty and put him straight on the toilet. But with a baby to look after too, I’ve realised that I can’t immediately drop what I’m doing to run Tyne upstairs to the loo every time he thinks he needs to go. Chances are I’ll be feeding or changing Noah, and I think it could lead to more accidents than necessary.

By contrast, using a potty sounds like it could make you more mobile – you simply put it in a corner of whichever room your child is playing in. And as I reckon a potty could save both my sanity and the living room carpet, I’ve decided to use one downstairs for the first few days at least.

Once he’s got used to it, I hope to transition Tyne to the toilet fairly quickly.

I’ve set aside a week at home when we have no plans to begin potty training. And for the last week, I’ve switched Tyne from normal nappies to Huggies Pull Ups to help him get used to the feeling of pulling pants up and down. I thought he might be so excited by doing this that he’d be at it all the time – but he didn’t seem to notice anything other than the design, shouting, “They’ve got Lightning McQueen on! Vroom vroom!” I did notice, however, that since the switch he has begun to tell me whenever he’s done something in his nappy and needs to be changed so that’s a good start.

In preparation for our first week of potty training, I have transformed the bathroom into a potty training haven – we have a Tesco Baby Club step stool so a toddler can reach the sink, and easy-to-use child-friendly hand wash from Paddy’s Bathroom to help Tyne learn how to wash his hands. I’ve also got Tesco Loves Toddler Toilet Wipes all ready and waiting beside the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair.

InLineA_pottytrainingWK1Yesterday, we introduced Tyne to his new F&F big boy pants. I explained that from now on, he’ll be wearing these all the time and he won’t have to wear nappies or have his bottom changed any more. I’m not sure what reaction I expected, but he certainly took me by surprise! He took the green undies off me, inspected them for a second and then proceeded to put them onto his head, declared himself a nurse and went off to examine all of his teddies. (They all have babies in their tummies, apparently.)

He completely refused to remove the underpants from his head for the rest of the day. Well, at least he’s wearing them. Maybe by the end of the week they’ll actually be on his bottom.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with how we get on over the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!



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