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Make your own rosette

Celebrate all the brilliant people in your little one’s life by giving them their own special rosette

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Women’s Day or simply the last day of school – there are lots of moments when your child may want to thank a grown-up who has helped or inspired them. This is a fun make you can do together. You’ll need sharp scissors for cutting the ribbon and card so make sure you do these steps for your toddler.

You will need

  • A5 coloured and patterned card
  • Scissors (adult use only)
  • PVA glue
  • Ribbon
  • Paper clips
  • Safety pin (adult supervision required)
  • Tape

How to make your rosette

  1. Take three A5 pieces of card, and from the shortest edge, start folding each one into a concertina, leaving about 1cm between each fold.
  2. Keeping your concertina folded up, bend it in the middle and fan out the outer edges. You’ll now have three fans. With help from your little one, stick these pieces together along the shortest sides to form a rosette shape. TIP: hold the edges together with a paperclip while the glue sets.
  3. Cut out two different sized circles, one larger than the other. The larger one will form a border around the smaller circle, which will have your message on. TIP: draw around a glass or cup to get the perfect circle.
  4. Talk to your little one about who they’re giving it to and why, then help them write a simple message such as ‘Number 1’ or ‘You’re the best’ in the centre. Alternatively, just let them go wild with colour or glitter.
  5. Your child can now glue their message onto the bigger circle, and stick that circle to the front of your rosette. Leave to dry.
  6. Cut out two more large circles to support the badge at the back. Set aside.
  7. Cut short lengths of ribbon for your toddler, roughly 12cm each. Your toddler can now tape the pieces of ribbon onto one of the circles. TIP: you can cut out small triangles at the bottom of the ribbon so they hang at different lengths.
  8. Sandwich the ribbon between the two circles and glue them together.
  9. Carefully attach the safety pin to the back of the circle with tape. This is a job for grown-ups only.
  10. To finish your little one’s rosette, stick these circles to the back of your rosette and leave to dry.

You and your child can now present their homemade rosette to their hero. Whether it’s a family member, friend or teacher they’re sure to wear their gift with pride.

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