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Need a few fresh money-saving tips? Our simple solutions should help you to make ends meet

1. Baby benefits

Make sure you claim all your entitlements in full. Although rules on financial entitlements changed in 2018, you may still be eligible for this or other financial help.

2. Save on babysitters

Set up a babysitting circle among trusted friends and you and your partner will be able to go out in return for simply offering your services. It’s a win-win scenario!

3. Plan ahead in the sales

Mid-season discounts and special promotions are becoming the norm on the high street, so make a list of everything you need and stick to it. Stock up on cut-price gear for your toddler for the following year, in the next size up; or on classic pieces you’ll actually wear for yourself. And, of course, don’t forget to stock up on baby and toddler essentials at Tesco Baby Events!

4. Be shameless

Ask a friend with a toddler who’s slightly older than your own for those barely used hand-me-downs. Most mums are glad to see their quality cast-offs going to a good home.

5. Don’t pay for accommodation

A change is as good as a rest, so if money’s tight and they have room, why not take a mini-break with friends or family for nothing? Bear in mind, you’ll need to be a great guest, who offers to make up the beds, or do the dishes, and who doesn’t out-stay their welcome. You will also need to be prepared to offer your friends and family a bed in return.

6. Get creative

Making things from scratch is very satisfying and should save you money. From greetings cards to jam and bunting, try making your own to give as birthday or Christmas presents.

7. Plan your shop

Write a list before shopping, or order groceries online at and stick to your ‘favourites’. You can find all the special offers very easily at the click of a mouse there too. And don’t shop when you’re hungry…!

8. Take a packed lunch to work

This will save you around £20 a week! And if you’ve got an office microwave, all the better. Just remember to avoid the coffee shop on your way in…

9. Cancel memberships and subscriptions you’re not using

Are you actually going to the gym regularly; do you watch all the channels you pay for; and are you really using all the minutes on your mobile tariff? If not, cancel, amend or freeze them!

10. Trickle-down effect

If your water’s on a meter, take a shower instead of a bath, put a water saver in your loo cistern, only wash clothes once you’ve got a full load and never run the dishwasher half-empty.