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Toddlers hold basket of chicken eggs

Get your toddler involved in saving the planet with our top tips for greener living

Recycle your rubbish

Nine out of 10 UK residents have access to a doorstep recycling collection, so if you’re not already stashing and sorting your family’s waste, ask your local council for a list of recyclable items (usually paper, cardboard, glass and cans) and for a free recycling box or bag. Your recycling efforts will help reduce the rubbish going to landfill, and will be used in environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Get your toddler involved

Let your toddler help you sort the recycling: turn it into a game by asking: “Which bin does this go in?” They’ll want to keep egg boxes and loo rolls for craft activities, but they’ll love jumping on cereal boxes and milk cartons to squash them flat.

Get on your bike

Cycling is a great way to transport your tot to the park or to nursery. Cycling locally will save on fuel and reduce wear and tear on your car. And since cars pollute more during the first few miles while their engines warm up, cycling earns you lots of green brownie points, as well as well-toned legs!

Get your toddler involved

Your little one will love the view from your bike, or being towed in a cosy trailer – just make sure they always wears a helmet.

Be energy savvy (and save your pennies!)

Only fill the kettle with the water you need, wash clothes at 30ºC, and only use your tumble dryer if you can’t dry outdoors or on an airer, it could save you about £40. Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them and enjoy more savings of around £40 a year. And if you turn down the thermostat on your central heating by just 1ºC, that could save around £60 on your heating bill. For more ideas, visit the Energy Saving Trust.

Get your toddler involved

They’ll enjoy “being mummy” by helping you hang out the laundry on the airer. Your toddler can be in charge of socks and pants. Chat about colours as you go, for extra early-learning value!

Use up your leftovers

From using a stale loaf to make bread and butter pudding, to planning your meals in advance, there’s a lot you can do to stop food going to waste and to make your weekly food shop go further. Find more ideas at Composting your kitchen waste will also help you cut down on methane, the harmful greenhouse gas that’s released when food goes to landfill.

Get your toddler involved

Ask your toddler for their favourite meals, and incorporate them into a weekly menu planner. That way they’ll be sure to eat everything up. Your little one will also enjoy taking trips down the garden to do the composting.

Grow your own

It’s cheap, easy and fun, whether you have a big garden or a tiny window box. You could even rent an allotment! Go for veg that copes with our climate, such as carrots, potatoes or runner beans. There are tons of books and blogs on the subject. Your toddler will be keener to eat her greens if she’s had a hand in growing them, and gardening is a great workout for you too.

Get your toddler involved

Your toddler will love helping you to plant, water and weed. They’ll even get a kick out of scrubbing the mud off freshly-dug spuds, ready for cooking and eating.


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