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Toddler helping to tidy

How do you create order out of chaos when there’s a toddler in your life? Turns out Tesco Baby Club members know a thing or two when it comes to cleaning and de-cluttering

Be strict about mess

I organise one basket of toys in the living room; the rest are in my son’s bedroom. I have a clear out every few months. If you can’t bear to part with clothes, store them in your loft or garage, but otherwise give them to a charity shop. Before I clear toys out I hide them on top of my wardrobe for a few weeks to see if he’ll miss them! I also bought baskets to go under the cot – it’s amazing how much space there is down there.

Rona Drummond, mum to Tristan, 6 and Monty, 3 months

Sell baby clothes on eBay

I’ve sold loads of things, but baby clothes are in the biggest demand, as you go through them so fast and they’re expensive. With the money I buy new clothes, lovely toys and games. It’s simple, and you can even get Parcelforce to pick up from the house.

Brenda Barnes, mum to Ross, 12 and Emily, 5 months

Let the grandparents lend a hand

Once a month my son spends a week with my parents. Some people are horrified when I tell them; others are wildly jealous! Although we miss him madly, it gives us a chance to be carefree again, my parents get to spend quality time with Sam, we save a week’s nursery fees, and I have a one-day marathon cleaning session!

Helen Fearn, mum to Sam, 16 months

Make a cleaning spray

I put a capful of all-purpose cleaner and a capful of disinfectant into a spray bottle, and then top it up with water according to the instructions. It’s cheap, and the disinfectant makes everything super-clean and fresh smelling.

Evelyn Curl, mum to Rhianna, 2 and Hudson, 5 months

Make chores fun

It’s never too soon to get children involved in household chores! Both of mine like to help, and I try to make it fun and educational. They put rubbish in the bin so we count things as we put them in, say what they are, and what colour. The children help put toys in the toy box, and even help put washing in the machine. They enjoy their ‘housework’ and help make boring chores fun. And it’s better than them sitting in front of the television!

Louise Hurn-Greenwood, mum to Nathan, 2 and Alexsandra, 1

I give everyone (except the baby!) a cleaning wipe or duster, and we have music playing loudly in the background, then we all boogie around while we clean. They love it. We also have races to put all the toys away as fast as we can.

Amy Ridge, mum to Jamie, 6, Toby, 4, Scott, 2 and Alex, 1 month


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