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Aid a speedy recovery by keeping little ones home from childcare

Every parent knows when their child isn’t feeling 100% – and even if the worst of the illness has passed, you’ll probably still notice that they’re not quite back to their normal noisy bouncy selves. On the flip side, sometimes they’ll seem to recover very quickly – which is why nurseries and childcare often have set rules about how long to leave it before bringing them back in. Whether your little one needs lots more rest or is nearly better, here are some ways to look after a post-poorly toddler or preschooler.

  • Keep in touch: Make sure you phone your childcare provider as soon as you know your child is unable to attend and keep in touch so they know when to expect them back.
  • Check the policy: Ask to see a copy of the pre-school or nursery’s illness policy so you know how long to keep your child away – it varies depending on the illness but is usually in line with these NHS guidelines.
  • Giving medicine: Childcare settings differ when it comes to administering antibiotics and pain relief so make sure you check if your little one is finishing a course of medication.
  • Easy does it: Although they might seem back on form, any illness, even a cold, is going to have taken its toll on your little one so make sure you keep activities short and sweet until they have their full strength back.
  • Snuggle time: Getting over coughs and colds is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your little one. Babies will need plenty of sleep to recover and toddlers will need lots of rest get back to full strength so plan in time on the sofa for naps, reading books and watching films together. They also might be a bit more clingy than normal so that means extra hugs and skin-to-skin contact.
  • Gentle fun: Peekabo with your baby, hide and seek with your toddler – try fun games that don’t take up too much energy but keep them entertained at the same time.
  • Get creative: If you’ve got time on your hands get your toddler to help you make some thank you cards for all the Christmas presents they’ve received. A handmade effort is much nicer to receive than a shop bought one.
  • Fresh air: As long as your little one doesn’t have something very contagious like a vomiting bug or chicken pox, small excursions out for some fresh air are a good idea. Choose a sunny day, wrap up warm and venture out to feed the ducks.

If you have any questions about your little one’s recovery, don’t forget your Tesco Pharmacist could help.


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