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Make your own playdough

Playing with dough will keep your toddler occupied for ages. Making it together extends the fun even longer (and saves ...

6 indoor play ideas

Making the best of wet weather is something us Brits do rather well! So if your getting out and about ...


Winter sensory play ideas

Running out of ways to keep your little one entertained when it’s cold and wet outside? These five play ideas ...


Gardening with your toddler

Toddlers love planting and watering seeds, and watching them grow. Have a go at planting a window box, or making ...

Make a gold medal

Your toddler will love to make this shiny gold medal – it’s perfect for a sports-themed party or as a ...


Rainy day craft projects

Let your little one get creative helping you make these strange creatures, and then you can make up adventure stories ...

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