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Toddler playing

Making the best of wet weather is something us Brits do rather well! So if your getting out and about plans are on hold because it’s raining, here are some sanity-saving indoor play ideas from Tesco Baby Club members.

1. Boxing clever

“You can’t beat big cardboard boxes! My two turn them into cars, trains, dens or just enjoy hiding in them then jumping out when you’re least expecting it!”

Danielle, mum to Ellie, 5 and Freya, 2

2. Drumming up fun

“I make a drum kit on the kitchen floor with saucepans and a wooden spoon – lots of noise but lots of smiles and laughs from my one-year old!”

Karen, mum to Tyler, 8 and Charlie, 14 months

3. Indoor see-saw

“If you can clear enough space, give small bits of outdoor play equipment, such as a toddler slide or see-saw, a good clean and bring it indoors.”

Jenny, mum to Jacob, 15 months

4. Stepping stones

“Cut out pieces of cardboard and lay them in a random path across the room. Pretend the carpet is an ocean full of sharks and that your toddler has to cross the room without falling in. Vary the game by hopping or jumping. It’ll develop your little one’s balance and co-ordination, and help him let off steam!”

Natalija, mum to Noor, 3 and Iman, 15 months

5. Junior cooking

“We do lots of baking and weighing out of ingredients with plenty of mixing! Great for amusing children of ages – with a bit of education thrown in for good measure. My daughter likes to weigh while my toddler stirs and eats!”

Tanya, mum to Ellie, 5 and Luke, 18 months

6. Party play

“We’ve kept leftover party bags, paper plates and cups. She selects which toy is having a birthday party and we begin with the invitations! It’s lots of fun – we even use old wrapping paper and a small toy as pass the parcel!”

Jo, mum to Maia, 3 and Roan, 4 months