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Time to get messy and create a festive masterpiece with paint and baby-sized fingers!

You will need

  • Paints in a variety of different colours. These Crayola paints are washable – perfect for messy mini Monets!
  • Card or paper

How to make

  1. Have your little one dip their finger in different coloured paints (you can put them into the paint caps or small pots to make this easier) and splodge them onto the card. This can be totally random, so let them go for it. Tip: After each colour, wipe their hand with a baby wipe if you want to avoid mixing colours!
  2. Using a felt tip, draw a swirly line to join the paint dots – making them look like a string of fairy lights.
  3. Ta-dah! You can fold their masterpiece in half to create a Christmas greetings card, cut out into a rectangle to make a gift tag, or just hang on a wall as a festive decoration.

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