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Woman pushing a pram

What’s the best way to shape-up after birth? We asked Tesco Baby Club members to tell us how they reached a weight they were happy with after giving birth.

Eat in moderation

“I decided after having my second baby boy to shape-up so I felt comfortable with myself again. My eldest boy is 4 and my youngest is now 18 months old. I joined the gym and I have lost enough to be happy again. Hopefully I can just tone up now. I also cut my portion sizes, which was hard as I loved having another plate of food. I could never give up chocolate completely but do try hard to say no sometimes. I would never not allow myself anything as I believe everything in moderation is fine. Exercise and a healthy diet is great but we all need to let ourselves off to eat cake or chocolate now and then.”

Simone, mum to Kayllum, 4 and Kodie 18 months

Join a baby-friendly class

“It took me about five months to lose the baby weight. Breastfeeding definitely helped and also my daughter would only sleep if I walked her around the park in the pram or the sling. I also did postnatal aqua aerobics, aerobics and legs, bums and tums classes where we could take our babies with us. I carried on breastfeeding until my daughter was 12 months old and by the time I stopped I was 17lb lighter than I was when I got pregnant.”

Carys, mum to Eira, 19 months


“When it comes to losing weight I’m a firm believer in the magical power of breastfeeding. Not only do I not need to pack sterilisers or bottles into my already bulging baby bag, I have dropped to below my pre-pregnancy weight within three months, and feel fantastic. I’ve also started Zumba classes, and it’s super fun. The music and great vibe makes it feel more like a party with friends than a workout.”

Vicki, mum to Dylan, 9 months

Take a long walk

“I found long walks pushing a buggy really helped. I decided to do small things like walk with the buggy if I could, rather than jump in the car, and I cut out the chocolate I had come to rely on for energy, and snacked on fresh or dried fruit. I had lost over a stone by the time my daughter was two and I could fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans!”

Sam, mum to Kerry, 2

Start early

“It didn’t take very long to lose weight. I put it down to exercising before I had my daughter. I did a lot of swimming and was in the pool the day before I gave birth! I also did aerobics classes until I was five and a half months pregnant. Being so fit before birth helped me get back in shape quickly. Also breastfeeding really helped.”

Julie, mum to Jamie, 21 months